Stories were, are and will be an important part of our life because anything and everything we speak is a story; even facts are nothing but, stories with proofs to prove that it happened. The writers who write these stories are never noticed and are noticed only when they become the top writers or when their book is in the list of the top books. The journey between the moment you feel people noticing and recognizing you, and the moment you think to start writing is every writer’s journey. Unfortunately, the journey of every writer is no less than a struggle and in our interaction with writers, we got to know that the worse the struggle, the worse the experience which leads to good content. To make every writer’s struggle a bit easier, and to show people their talent, Eve Blaack Publications has been started especially, in the field of horror writing because according to the book sale statistics, horror stories or books are the most sold books or stories which will help you have a reach even after writing your first book as they are a publishing company who already published books and stories by horror writers.

Is every story a lie?

No, every story is not a lie but, as mentioned before, stories are lies or truth manipulated in a way that the story sounds interesting. There are some stories that are inspired by real life or there is some character from real life they aren’t lies but, the truth is manipulated in the writer’s convenience or thought. So, it proves that they are not all true or all false and definitely the same to same detail didn’t happen. This freedom to manipulate stories is called creative freedom.

Also, creative freedom has its own limits because if creative freedom is over-used, the quality of the story written by the writer decreases. And when the quality of the writer decreases, the audiences will no longer find it relatable. When audiences don’t find it relatable, then, avoid buying your work or stop reading and also recommend their friends, family or colleagues not to watch. Finally, if the writer overuses creative freedom, she or he has a chance to lose his or her whole audience. So, if you want to become a writer remember two things, don’t take the audience for granted and use your creative freedom very responsibly.

Genres in Stories


A genre of stories which similar to the science fiction and horror without the logic behind how things happened is fantasy. With the use of the creative freedom mentioned before, if you make your character to do things, which the same character couldn’t do in real life that is called a fantasy story. For example, angels, demons, fairies, etc. exist mostly in fantasy stories. Most of the fantasy stories use magic or supernatural elements as main plot and use folklore or references from mythology to create everything in the world of nothing, imagination.

Often, fantasy is compared to science fiction and horror because all these are a part of speculative fiction. Also, they are compared only among the three because they are similar as things in these stories are kind of hard to imagine. In these three genres, the writers can write something impossible to happen in this world. When these things that are impossible in this world are experienced by the reader, listener or watcher and leave the audiences reading, listening or watching it to awe. This genre of stories is called as fantasy and it is an important genre of fiction which audiences enjoy.


Horror is one of the most sold genres of stories which involve fear, ghosts, paranormal activities, souls, etc. And in most of the horror stories weird things and situations, which generally don’t happen, but, in the story they happen, the reason being the ghost or its presence. These are the stories which have scared kids all over the world, to go alone in the dark. Some people say they believe in ghosts and the others say they don’t. There are some people who believe it and others don’t. But, being put in the situation, almost everyone is scared.

Scaring people is a task because if you don’t execute it well, it flops in a different level and that too scaring people by writing is almost too impossible to an average person. But, there are good writers or great writers who still rule the horror story world. For example, Alfred Hitchcock ruled the horror stories industry. Oh! He actually made them as movies but, still, those movies are shared with people, to scare them, even now. This is the reason it is one of the most sold stories of all time. Horror is compared with Sci-Fi and fantasy as all those three are speculative

Science Fiction

Science fiction is the genre of stories where the stories whose main plot revolve around something scientific or related to science. This genre is known for the research that writers do before writing a science fiction story. It is also called Sci-Fi, kind of an abbreviation for science fiction. They are known for the twists and turns in the story and the pace of the story. They are also regularly compared with horror and fantasy as all the three are speculative fiction

Most of the science fiction stories have a similar plot but, the sequences and characters make it different. Sorry for the spoilers! The plot of every science fiction story is always some discovery or invention of something that is so powerful that if it goes into wrong hands, the world ends. Sometimes, the lead on the right side and tries to save the world, and sometimes, he is the bad guy. When the lead is the bad guy, there are two situations that may happen, in one situation, he turns good and tries to save the world from his own creation, in the other, and he is defeated by someone. Thus, though the plot of every science fiction story is revealed, you will enjoy every science fiction story.

Romance and Poetry

Romance is one such genre in the literature which involves feelings, emotions, etc. This genre is known for its slow pace. Poetry is writing genre where we rhyme and say things in a rhythm so that, it sounds attractive. These two genres cannot exist individually, because without romance, you cannot write a poem, and without poetry, you cannot write romance. You understood the latter but, are confused about the former, right? If yes, thanks for asking. The romance in poems is not only two people loving each other; it is a part of it but, romance is much more than just that.

Also, the word ‘romance’ means ‘being passionate about’, without being passionate about something writing a poem about it, is close to impossible because poetry is also all about emotions if you don’t feel it how will you explain that to others in a poem. Most of the romance writers have written about two people romance and only a few have written about other romances. Even about two people romance, only some masterpieces play games with your heart after reading it. One such poetic literary work is Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Nightingale and the rose.’ This work proves poetry and romance only co-exist.

Hybrid genre

The hybrid genre is a genre in literature where two or more genres are mixed to form a story. Generally, people think it is easy to write in this genre, and as said before, overuse the creative freedom. This genre was considered to be path-breaking when it started but nowadays, writers are more interested to write in this genre because this genre doesn’t have many limits like the other genres. And the other reason for writers to take up this genre is because this genre is similar to life, which also has multiple genres, mixed in one.

The evolution of this genre has reduced the number of books in other genres as the other genres are all about one main emotion. It also gives us a scope to involve and mess around with touchy topics like politics as this genre has the power to open debates, start discussions, etc. All of this is mainly because of the relatable nature of this genre, and that is because this genre is similar to life. The other interesting fact about this genre is the twists and turns, cannot be expected that gives a great suspense value to the reader which makes it interesting to read.

About Eve Blaack Publications

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