Comic Stories

Comic stories

Who doesn’t like superheroes stupendous, amazing and astounding stories that lift you to an alternate wondrous world? Yes, absolutely comics! Comics convey the storyline and emotions using pictures and the narration flows in a way of agglomeration of a sequence of images and dialogues. Imagination is always stronger than knowledge and it lifts us to the solitary and exquisite world where ever we want. Comics are just extended versions of pictorial lessons which were just used for teaching kids and people who are mentally weak, by the way, they can easily understand rather than through crowd of letters and words. Classic novels have impeccable language flow which is very hard to read and it made it as a unique superior thing. But comics have easy, non-stop solitary fun in its flow along with challenging language which makes readers gain more imagination and reading skills. Increasing the amount of reading is the first and foremost important thing to enhance linguistic skill and comics bestows it in an efficient way, as readers are engaging in a fun-filled intense reading which makes people much smarter. It makes us feel good and transforms our lives in an amusing learning way.